Photo festival and exhibition in Lofoten

Being invited to Lofoten International Photo festival (LIFF) was like closing a circle. It was in the little town Kabelvåg where I went to photo school back in 2004, and in Skrova where documentary photography found me. Some of the response I received at the opening was deeply moving. Special thanks to John Stenersen and Eivind Natvig for hosting the festival, Kristin Folsland Olsen for taking me up in the mountains again, and Diàna Markosian, Elin Berge, Ingun MæhlumTomm W.Christiansen, Linda Bournane EngelberthNicklas Blom and Juuso Westerlund for great company and presentations.

It was a fantastic weekend. My presentation was about my Myanmar project and my ongoing library project, and Sunday we re-opened my Myanmar exhibition that was first shown in Oslo, but this time its hanging on a fish flake – for as long as the prints can endure the weather.     

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